[Event] Season 4 Studio Contest (10/30 – 11/27)


Create a new Studio map with a Halloween theme to earn Top.50 Unlimited Decoder, as well as Medals and Trophies!


1. Participation Requirements

A. Create a new Studio map with a Halloween theme.

B. You can only participate in the following three modes.

Zombie Z, Zombie Hero, and Hide and Seek

C. You must add a #Halloween tag to the map title to be considered.

D. You can participate multiple times with multiple maps.


2. Contest Schedule

A. Submission Period: 10/30/2019 - 11/27/2019 (CET)

B. 1st Round of Announcements - Finalists: 12/11

C. Player Poll: 12/11 - 12/31 (Will be announced separately)

  • 100 Mileage will be given for participating in the poll, and 50 participants will be selected by raffle to win 10,000 Mileage.

D. Final Announcements - Winners: 1/8


3. Contest Rewards

A. 1st Prize - 1 Winner: Top.50 Unlimited Decoder x 70 ($500 worth)

B. 2nd Prize - 1 Winner: Top.50 Unlimited Decoder x 40 ($300 worth)

C. 3rd Prize - 1 Winner: Top.50 Unlimited Decoder x 15 ($100 worth)

D. Additional Winners - 7 Winners: Top.50 Unlimited Decoder x 10

E. All winners - 10 Winners: Excellent Creator Medal + Trophy (You will receive the same mode trophy as the mode you participated in.)

F. Contest Participants: Contest Participation Medal + 5,000 Mileage

  • The Contest Participant award will be given only to maps that were played at least 10 times and have more than 3 recommendations.


4. How to Participate

A. Navigate to STEAM >> CSNS >> Discussion.
(URL: https://steamcommunity.com/app/273110/discussions/)

B. Click on the 'Season 4 Studio Contest' notice pinned to the top of the forum page.

C. Register using the comments located at the bottom of the notice. Enter your registration according to the format shown below.

* Incorrect information may hinder the judging and reward processes, as we have no way to reach you. Please make sure your information is correct before submitting.

D. Information required (Please ensure all information is correct.)

  • CSN:S in-game nickname (write exactly as it appears in-game)
  • STEAM ID number (ex. 756xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
  • Title of map (write exactly as it appears in-game)

E. Optional information:

  • Brief introduction about the map, or additional notes (please write in English)


5. Creator Support Event: Contest Celebration Studio Theme Package Giveaway (10/30 - 11/17)

Get a theme package to if you are a participating creator out there who wishes to decorate their maps with a whole new kind of look and feel. This support event will last until 11/17. Please refer to the event notification for more details.


6. Participation Notes

Please check the terms shown below, as participating in the contest means that you agree to all of the following.

A. The award may be revoked from contestants who violate the Terms and Conditions or operational rules during the contest and award periods.

B. The award may be revoked from contestants who participate using accounts other than their own, or violate the Terms and Conditions by plagiarizing or causing copyright issues.

C. Entries containing sexually suggestive and violent images may be deleted.

D. If there are no entries fitting the selection criteria, the number of winners may be changed.

E. All legal responsibilities fall to the person who submitted the entry, should there be a legal dispute regarding the entry.

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